Monday, May 25, 2015

Pocket Hose

So I got me one of those pocket hoses because I hate lugging around tangled heaps of rubber hose. This was an easy fix.

I'm glad to say so far so good! 
It didn't leak that I could see. The whole hose gets somewhat saturated but no actual leakage. I love that it shrinks back to normal size when the water is gone.
Word of caution: don't let go of the end when you are turning the hose on! It's much lighter than a rubber hose and will whip around like a child with a redvine.

Anyway, I just thought I would share that I like it so far. I think it was about $24 and worth it for sure. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Go on and tell me this doesn't look amazing!
I finally tried out the "Bountiful Baskets"!
I'm so excited for food!

Green Smoothie Tip of the Day

Don't put chia seeds in your green smooothie if you are not planning on drinking it immediately.
Chia seeds make for a gelatinous breakfast...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Morning Smoothie

My morning smoothie:

Handful of greens
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 spear fresh pineapple
1 Apple
1 cara cara orange
A couple sprigs of parsley
3 tbsp egg whites
1/2 scoop (1/8 cup) blenditup protein and smoothie mix
1tsp chia seeds
1/2 cup orange juice

About 400 calories for 5 cups!

It only tastes a little bit like grass. :) it's good though! Perfect way to start my morning.

It tastes better than it looks. ;)

Day 3 of Healthy

It is 7:30am on Day 3 and I have so much energy! Wow! I haven't felt like this in a long time! My mind is awake and I'm ready to go start my day and buzz around getting stuff done. I normally take 2 hours to get ready in the morning because I have to wake up! I have only been up for about 20 minutes!
I love this!

And Another Adventure!

I'm getting a tankless water heater installed today by Pond's Plumbing!
Pond's is awesome. They are trustworthy, clean and do a great job. I've been using them exclusively for years for all my furnace, AC and plumbing needs.

I had my furnace replaced a few years ago for $11k. (Eeek!) It was time for it to give up the ghost. 
My AC and furnace have been running great since then. They did a great job and it was fast and easy to get done.

I also recently got all of the windows in my house replaced by Advanced Windows. They were by far the best bid I received at $7K. The others were Windows by Anderson ($32k- composite are expensive!!) and Sears (19k). I went to a home show and received 30% off due to a promotion they were having. The original bid was about $12K.
I was a little apprehensive since they were so cheap but since they have a lot of approvals from outside companies like Get Gephardt and Better Business Bureau plus I had many referrals from friends, I went for it. 
And I'm so glad that I did! They were courteous and clean and worked hard and fast and fixed any problems that came up. One of my front windows was made without the colonial grids (all windows are made to order here in Salt Lake City) and also one of my windows was measured wrong so they made the wrong size. They immediately fixed it and were able to install it less than two weeks later and the job was finished! Easy peasey! The windows are great. They slide well and look very nice. I also can't feel the cold drafts and my house has a more even temperature. My bill went down by about $10 per month (about 20%). I am VERY happy with them. The outside view of them actually looks nicer than my old ones because they have a thicker edging that gives it a picture frame look. I love it! I HIGHLY recommend them for windows. 

Fun times.... But very expensive. Gah: